Fashion on a Budget

Looking good can be expensive and take quite a chunk out of your monthly budget. When money is tight and you still want to look your best it can take some creativity and determination to still stay in fashion. If you thought you couldn’t stay in fashion or afford to look good, Think Again! At times when money is the main concern buy less and buy better. You will have to have the willpower not to make splurge or impulse buys. Some things to remember when shopping on a budget are:

  • Buy Key Items – purchase items that are versatile and timeless
  • Buy Less – Put yourself on a shopping diet. Cut back on the amount of items you purchase on shopping trips.
  • Only Buy what you Need – The lure of sales and clearances will have you buying all kinds of things you never would have. Stick to your plan of what you went in to buy.
  • Make a list – Just as you do when you grocery shop, make a list of what you really need. This will keep you on track and away from unnecessary buys.
  • Don’t Window shop – If you are a “shopaholic” and trying to stick to a budget, never fall for window shopping. You are bound to end up seeing something you simply can’t live without.

Follow these tips when you are really trying to stay on a budget and you will save some money. Shopping can still be fun when you are trying to save some cash.

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