No To Diabetes

Each year, cases of people diagnosed with diabetes are growing not just in America but worldwide. Diabetes, in a nutshell, is a disorder that affects the way our body uses food for energy. People with diabetes have abnormally high blood sugar. The condition is a very serious one that can cause a lot of complications such as cardiovascular diseases, blindness, and amputation of body parts because of poor healing of wounds.

While there is no foolproof solution to avoid diabetes, you can largely decrease your chances of getting the disease by living in a healthy manner. Of course, the first concern is your food intake. It is vital to stick to a normal, healthy diet and to make sure your weight remains healthy and normal as well. Stay away from fatty foods and foods high in sugar to make sure your blood sugar and insulin levels are right where they should be. Remember that obesity is a high risk factor not just in diabetes but in so many other diseases as well.

In addition to maintaining sugar levels through a healthy diet, adequate daily exercise is also vital. Exercising helps you manage your weight to a healthy level and at the same time burns all the excess fat and calories to help maintain your blood sugar. Never take exercise for granted nor do it only when you want to be slim or sexy. We need exercise as much as we need water in our everyday lives.

What are your thoughts on diabetes?

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