Crack Down on Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone. It’s prescribed relatively regularly, yet when paired with other drugs can have alarmingly negative effects. Which is the reason why Dr. Thomas Perls – a Boston University Medical School professor and expert in aging – set out to begin a crusade against the inappropriate provision of growth hormone and other hormones. Together with S. Jay Olshansk, a professor of public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Perls argues in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the medical community and legislators should join the battle and that laws regulating growth hormone should be toughened.

The public is being victimized at a rising rate by the rampant prescription of such drugs, Perls says. It may seem odd that a doctor would prescribe a drug intended for older female cancer victims to a young man, but, according to Perls, it’s happening in some of the nation’s anti-aging and weight-loss clinics.

A brochure from one weight-loss clinic states that human growth hormone is a valuable weight-loss tool because it “has been shown to enhance lean body mass and increase exercise endurance. … There were no significant effects on quality of life. Most adults are concerned about the effects of age, and this is state of the art.”

According to the article in the Journal, this idea dates from the 1990s when one experiment showed that when older men injected growth hormone, their lean muscle mass increased.


In fact, as Perls and Olshansky point out, “the documented adverse effects include soft-tissue edema, arthralgias [joint pain], carpal tunnel-like syndrome, gynecomastia and insulin resistance with an elevated risk of developing diabetes.”

In other words, do your research and know what your body needs. Get more helpful antio-aging dos and don’ts in my Report – which helps tackle aging from the inside out.

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