Baby Powder, A Beauty Must Have

image Baby Powder is not just used when you have a baby. It make a handy little item to keep on hand even when no baby is around. Baby Powder is a versatile product that can help your life out in many ways. These 7 beauty tips are sure to make your life a little bit easier.

  1. Grease Stains in Clothes – As soon as grease gets on your clothes, sprinkle it with baby powder. Then let it absorb for a few minutes and brush it off. The baby powder will keep the stain from setting into the fabric
  2. Degrease Unwashed Hair Fast – Using a tablespoon of baby powder, rub it into your hands or comb. Comb it through all your hair to freshen and remove grease.
  3. Make Lashes Fuller and Longer – dust baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara to make them look longer and fuller
  4. Fluff and Lift Hair – Sprinkle it on you palms and run your hands through your hair to absorb the oils and give your style a lift
  5. Deodorizer – Baby powder will cool and help wipe away sweat and leave body refreshed. 
  6. Sweaty Feet – use it to dry sweaty feet and leave them smelling fresh
  7. Shaving Friction – get rid of shaving friction when using an electric shaver by using baby powder prior to shaving.

As you can see, baby powder should be right in with all you beauty goodies. I keep mine right next to the Q-tipsWinking. Make sure you keep yours handy for any beauty emergency that baby powder can quickly fix. 

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