Bleaching…hiding your hair

Bleaching leaves your hair intact and is quick and accessible. Bleaching is merely a process of hiding unwanted hair by lightening the color of the hair to a soft blonde hue. It is quite a popular method for hiding hair for many women. It does not remove hair. Bleaching is a simple do-it-yourself method of hiding unwanted hair temporarily.

How does Bleaching work?
When bleaching your hair the color of your hair is stripped, exposing your “natural” hair pigment. Bleaching can make moustache hair almost invisible. When bleaching keep in mind there is a color range for the final outcome after bleaching. The color can range from a rusty orange to a pale yellow. The final bleached color of your hair are determined by the quantity, type and distribution of color pigments inside the hair. Bleaching radically alters the original proportions of these pigments.

Bleach Kits
Bleaching can be done with oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide or commercial bleaching kits. Either one of these methods require products that may be purchased at your local food market or pharmacy. Before purchasing your product of choice, make sure you read the instructions on the outside of the packaging to be sure that the method you choose is easy to use and includes detailed instructions. Instructions will vary among manufacturers. Most bleach kids come with two essential components, the hair bleach mixture, which is often in cream form, and the activator mixture that is almost always in powder form.

How to Use Bleach
You’ll need a hair bleaching kit, a warm washcloth, tepid water, and a mirror.

1. Wash the part of the body to be bleached with a mild cleanser and pat area dry.
2. Prepare the bleach according to the instructions that came with the bleaching kit. After preparation bleach should appear like a white paste or cream.
3. Apply the bleach with the spatula that most kits come with, or you may even use a wooden spoon. Apply the thick layer of the paste to areas you are trying to cover.
4. Set a timer and leave bleach on for the shortest amount of time specified in the package directions. Wipe away a small part of the bleach after the estimated time described and see if hair is desired color.
5. If necessary reapply the bleach to the area you removed it from and let set for several more minutes.
6. Once hair is lightened as desired, remove bleach using a washcloth and tepid water, rinse area treated thoroughly.

The Best Areas to Bleach on Your Body
You can bleach facial or body hair every couple of weeks with virtually no pain or discomfort. Bleaching is best for body hairs that are dark and thin. Hairs that are thick and long are not suitable for bleaching because they look all the more prominent after bleaching. Bleaching hair on a skin that is too dark will result in the lightened hair ending up looking more conspicuous against the darker skin tone, so, bleaching is best for medium to fair skin tones with dark hair.

The best places to bleach unwanted hair on the body for men and women are:
• Face
• Neck
• Arms and Forearms
• Back
• Chest
• Legs
• Stomach

How Long Bleaching Lasts
Bleaching is effective for as long as the hair exists. In other words, it bleaches the hair, which is above the surface of the skin, therefore the color of the hair becomes much lighter with the peroxide product which is used. The hair cannot change color, it won’t go dark again; but as the hair grows, that part which is produced from the hair follicle, beneath the skin and gradually protrudes above the surface of the skin, that will be dark. You get your re-growth, of the bleached or the unbleached hair, in exactly the same way as you get re-growth on the hair of the head. Bleaching lasts as long as it takes for the hair to grow out. It may last for a couple of weeks or it may last for a month, depending on how much hair there is, and how quickly it grows.

The method for bleaching unwanted body hair is the same as the method for bleaching unwanted facial hair.

Pros and Cons of Bleaching Hair
1. Relatively inexpensive
2. No pain
3. Very convenient
4. Lasts as long as the bleached hair remains in its follicle, can be up to 16 weeks.

1. Repeated bleaching can raise the scales of the cuticle permanently and upset the moisture content.
2. Bleaching becomes more difficult since the ability of the hair to absorb fluids increases to a great extent. As a result, those hairs will be bleached badly and will assume uneven shades.
3. Repeated bleaching will make the hair brittle and weak with very little luster or shine.
4. Skin pigmentation may appear lighter then usual after bleaching process and remain for several days.
5. Itching sensation in bleached area may occur.
6. Very unpleasant odor

The Risks of Bleaching
1. If bleaching agent is left too long on skin, a redness may appear and remain for several days. Redness may feel like a sunburn.
2. Asthma, urticaria and syncope are reported as the side effects of the sulfate activator. Because of the fumes emitted.
3. Be sure to stay away from your eyes, as the fumes from bleach can be irritating and if you get bleaching agents in the eye it would be quite painful and may need medical attention.
4. Bleaching should not be done on sensitive body areas like the bikini area because of the risk of skin damage and irritation.
5. One should not bleach if the target area skin is broken, irritated, inflamed or infected or if there has been a previous skin reaction to bleaching.
6. Bleaching may not be the appropriate method for people having sensitive skin.

Bleaching Tips
1. DO NOT use bleaching agent if you think you are pregnant.
2. A skin patch test should be conducted before using bleaching agent. Allergic reactions may occur.
3. Never combine the two bleaching kit components until you are ready to begin bleaching.
4. Immediately discard any unused portion of the bleaching agent.
5. If NO redness, irritation or eruption occurs you can proceed with the fill application.

Hope this bleaching advice helps you in making a decision to remove your hair or not to remove your hair. Check out shaving, tweezing, waxing, sugaring, threading, depilatories, laser, IPL, shaving options available.

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  2. Your point No. 4 above under “The Process” is well made.

    It is VERY important to observe the correct timing procedures when applying any strong chemical to the skin, as with depilatory products. Setting a timer is an excellent way to make sure you don’t exceed the safe time recommended thus avoiding burning and damaging the skin.

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