Foods for skin-care and anti-aging

By: Michael Moshier

I’ve long been a proponent of anti-aging procedures from the inside out – it’s great that so many people are picking up on this idea and realizing that what they put in their body can have an effect on how they look. You can take this process as far as you want – talk to your doctor about testing certain hormone levels, about what vitamins you may be lacking, etc. – or simply tune in to what foods can work for you when it comes to anti-aging.

Certain foods help you reduce the amount of oil your skin produces, as well as help your skin no be too dry. These things can combine to help your skin look younger and more vibrant. Many of these foods may already be things you eat on a daily basis – antioxidant-rich berries and pomegranates, leafy vegetables, etc. But the truth is, the average person typically doesn’t eat enough of these types of food to make the difference you may be looking for.

Wheat grass is known to provide health benefits when it comes to cholesterol, possibly preventing cancer and helping to lower blood pressure. Barley is another food that may already be in your diet, and could just use a boost. It’s a great way to improve the digestive system as well as reduce blood sugar in the body.

If you do a bit of research, you may find other food that add to your anti-aging regimen and treat the issue of aging from the inside out.

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3 thoughts on “Foods for skin-care and anti-aging

  1. You are right some foods really do help with anti aging. I’ve also noticed detoxing becoming more popular all the time. People are starting to realize that they are putting junk in their body and have to get rid of it to improve their health.

  2. Foods high in antioxidants have amazing effects on the skin. You are right that you will have to eat quite a lot of the “healthy” stuff to see any difference. I always like to add supplements to my diet, for example a supplement with a mixture of powerful antioxidants.

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