Tweezing Hair…ouch!

Tweezing removes your hair for the short term, it is quick and accessible. Tweezing is merely a process of removing unwanted hair by pulling the hair out close to the skins surface. It is quite a popular method for temporary hair for women. Tweezing is a simple do-it-yourself method of removing unwanted hair temporarily.

Tweezing does in fact increase the coarseness of the hairs and can distort the hair follicle damaging it permanently. Eventually scars and ingrown hairs may occur from these distorted follicles which make subsequent permanent hair removal technically more difficult.

Each time a hair is tweezed out it is being removed from the dermal papilla just under the skins surface. The re-grown hair may rebuild a deeper, stronger, darker hair to replace the one tweezed out.

How does Tweezing work?
Tweezing is a temporary method to remove unwanted hair from the face. It is not recommended for the body. Metal forceps are used to pull the hair from it’s base close to the skin surface and pulled out in the direction of the hair growth. Hair re-growth is fast, and usually occurs within 6-10 days after tweezing.

How to Tweeze
All you really need for tweezing hair is a mirror and a good pair of tweezers. Tweezers come in many shapes and sizes. Some professionals prefer slanted tweezers as they seem to be more accurate. Depending on what part of the body you are tweezing, you want to take care when pulling the hair from the base, closest to the skins surface to ensure you removed all of the hair rather then breaking it. If working on your eyebrows, brushing the hair in the direction of growth makes it easier to figure out which hair you want to remove by tweezing.

1. Brush the target hairs in the direction if the hairs natural growth
2. Isolate the hair you wish to remove
3. Hold the skin taut to prevent excess pulling
4. Direct the tweezers so that you are tweezing in the direction of the hairs growth.
5. Pull just one hair at a time to control the tweezing.
6. When holding the tweezers, pull the hair gently but with a quick and smooth direction.

The Best Areas to Tweeze on Your Face
Because tweezing involves the pulling of one hair at a time, it is most effective on smaller areas of the body or face. It can be a time consuming process.

The best places to tweeze unwanted hair on the body for men and women are:
• Upper lip
• Eyebrows
• Stray hairs

How Long Tweezing Last
Tweezed hair usually re-grows within 2 weeks of being tweezed. If hair was tweezed and a small white, hard deposit was at the end of the hair when tweezed, hair may take a little longer to grow back. That white calcified bulb on the end of the hair means that the hair was in its growing stage of development and since the hair bulb was removed, hair takes a longer time to develop.

Pros and Cons of Tweezing Hair
1. Relatively inexpensive
2. Very convenient
3. Quick
4. Very useful method for stray hairs on face and eyebrows

1. Painful
2. Difficult for large areas
3. Requires use of a mirror
4. Some areas are difficult to do yourself

The Risks of Tweezing
1. Pinching the skin as you tweeze
2. May cause ingrown hair
3. May cause pitting and scarring
4. Should not be used for nose hair, as infection may occur

Tweezing Tips
1. Hair can be softened first with hair conditioner or shaving cream before tweezing to make hair removal easier.
2. Warm the skin before tweezing to ensure hair removal by opening skins pores.
3. Invest in a professional pair of tweezers with a pointed tip for hair removal accuracy.
4. Use natural lighting whenever possible.
5. Pull the skin taut and remove hairs as close to the root as possible.
6. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
7. Close the pores after tweezing by applying cool compresses to area tweezed, or use an astringent to help close the pores and clean the area.

For other options on hair removal check out bleaching, waxing, sugaring, threading, depilatories, laser, IPL, shaving options available. Should you even bother removing your hair at all? Add to Technorati Favorites AddThis Feed Button


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