Having a hard time sleeping?

Isn’t it so irritating when you really need to sleep for a long day tomorrow but for some reason you can’t doze off? Here are just some methods that may help to fall asleep just when you need it most.

1. Wear an eye-mask. Do you know that even the dimmest light sources like a post light outside or the screen of an alarm clock can be sleep obstructers? Our brains can detect light even when our eyes are closed so it helps to wear a soft, dark eye-mask to totally block out any light.

2. Take a warm bath. A drop in body temperature caused by a warm shower tells your system that it’s time to cool down, rest, and sleep. In addition, taking a short shower before sleep relaxes you and sets you in that mood to snooze.

3. Sniff some lavender. Studies have shown that the scent of lavender can induce sleepiness and a deeper rest. So make sure you have some lavender oils by your bedside.

Know more sleep inducers?

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2 thoughts on “Having a hard time sleeping?

  1. You’re right that lavender helps people to relax into sleep better. Studies show also that a warm body goes to sleep easier and gets better rest than one that is chilled. Try heating an aromatherapy wrap or heart and using it to help you drop off into restful sleep. Many find this very helpful!

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