Styling Your Bangs

If there’s one hairstyle that never seems to go out of fashion, it’s the bangs look. Bangs can be girly, elegant, simple, and sophisticated, depending on how you style them. If you’ve got bangs these days and sometimes you’re unsure on what to do with them, here are a few tips:

1. Play them up with hair accessories! The great thing about bangs is that you can use a lot of accessories in it, such as a hair clip or two, a cute 80’s style headband, or some little ponytails. Wear hair accessories that complement the color of your hair and skin or makeup.

2. Cut them yourself. Who said you need to go to the salon every time you want to make a bit of change to your bangs? Whenever I feel like shortening or layering my bangs more, I grab a magazine or a picture of a celebrity whose haircut and bangs I want to copy. Then I stand up in front of the mirror with some comb and scissors and trim my own bangs. I could even fool my friends because they couldn’t believe I cut my hair myself when they see my new look. 😀 Nevertheless, if you’re feeling jittery about handling the scissors yourself, it may be best to leave the cutting to the experts.

3. Style them with creams. You can change the look of your bangs by playing with it using gel or creams. Pin it all to one side for a sideswept look, part them perfectly in the middle, or let them bounce straight in front of your forehead. The freedom is yours.

Image from this site.

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