Power up on Power Foods

By Michael Mosier

Is there such a thing as a perfect food? We’ve heard of super-foods, but what about a food that is simply all-around good for you? There are some that would argue eggs are just such a food – and there are several others that certainly come close and that should be integrated into your anti-aging process to help you turn back the clock from the inside out.

Back to eggs. They are a great way of getting protein into your diet, and as long as you eat in moderation and don’t already have cholesterol problems, they won’t mess up your cholesterol levels. For ease in slipping them into just about any meal, keep some hard boiled eggs on hand for sandwiches, salads and much more. 

 Tofu or tempeh

Many who aren’t used to tofu aren’t sure about incorporating it into their diet. It tends to get a bad rap in non-ethnic or non-vegetarian settings. And while you may not replace the meat in your meals with it, the good thing is that if you’re not sure about it, it’s relatively easy to disguise. It takes on the flavor of the rest of the food, but if you’re still not OK with the consistency, blend it up and put it in chilis, sauces and other liquid-based dishes. 

Tofu and tempeh are both are high in protein, but they also have flavanoids,  which helps to decrease the amount of bad cholesterol you have.


Small but powerful, blueberries are the berries chock full of  antioxidants. They’re tasty by themselves and in a number of breakfast-based foods like cakes and breads, but to keep it simple eat them alone, or use them to top cereal. 

By choosing to incorporate these foods into your diet you’ll be able to make changes that will taste great and hopefully have you looking and feeling better as you age!

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