Damaging Effects Of Smoking on Skin

image Okay, so we know smoking is bad for you. But did you realize how bad it is for your skin. It used to be thought that have a cigarette in your hand made you look sexy or cool. You sure won’t look sexy with damaged and wrinkled skin, cigarette or not! So here’s more reasons to quit smoking….

Smoking causes wrinkles. Smokers are shown to have more wrinkles as well as them being deeper and noticeable. Cigarette smoking damages collagen and fibers in skin. This causes skin to be less firm and resilient. In the age of trying to stay young, maybe quit smoking should be another beauty tip.

This is one I notice all the time. Long term smokers tend to have dead-looking or gray facial skin. Skin also may appear leathery and thick. They also have broken veins on the nose and cheeks due to impaired circulation of smoking. Who wants to look old and leathery? No one, so why do it to yourself!

Smoking can also increase chances of developing skin cancer. Your skin is one thing you want to take care of. Why damage it by smoking? With the increase interest in beauty and health you would think smoking would be a thing of the past. But it’s not. Want to have beautiful skin, stop smoking…….

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