Fishy Pedicures!

Many women love the idea of going to get their pedicures done.  They love the idea of having their feet pampered and massaged.  Men are starting to take advantage of the same spa quality treatment.  But did you ever stop to think what people in other countries do for a little foot pampering?  

A practice of giving a “fish” pedicure has recently erupted in Washington DC.  It originated in Turkey and then swept across Europe before coming to the USA.  The practice is basically having pedicure goers sticking their feet into a fish tank filled with tiny flesh eating carp.  The idea is that the carp start nibbling on your feet, especially on the callused areas of your feet.  It starts off feeling a bit tickly after you get past the anxiety of having your feet bitten by these little creatures.  After the tickling sensation is gone, and you begin to calm down, the sensation is actually supposed to be relaxing.  The results…well I guess you’ll have to go and find out!

Check it out:

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