Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Eyes

When it comes to makeup, our eyes are definitely one of the best parts to play with. The good news is that there are lots of techniques you can do to glam up your eyes and make sure they’re as fab as can be. The following are just a few basic expert-given makeup tips to achieve gorgeous eyes.

Eyeshadow. To make your eyeshadow last the whole day or night, brush loose powder first on your eyelids before applying the first coat of eyeshadow. Afterwards, put some loose powder again and then apply a second coat of eyeshadow. It may be the same shade or a new one, depending on the look or blend you’re gunning for.

Eyeliner. For better depth and a more glam look, try using two colored eyeliners instead of just one colored one. One technique is to apply the first color like blue eye liner first then apply green eyeliner just slightly above it.

Mascara. To volumize and truly sexify your lashes, curl them first then apply a coat of volumizing mascara. Let it dry for a few minute and then apply a layer of lengthening mascara. This method plumps up your eyelashes a lot better than all-in-one formulas.

Do share your own eye makeup techniques!

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