Check Health Through Fingernails

image You can tell a lot about yourself through your nails. Changes in texture and color should be a warning sign that something is going on with your body. Many things can be seen through the nails. Here are few signs of health problems that could show up through your nails that was found on WebMD.

  • Beau’s lines – when the nail has a horizontal line that runs across your nail. This could be a sign of malnutrition, uncontrolled diabetes, circulatory diseases, illnesses associated with a high fever
  • Red nail beds – heart disease
  • Pale or white nail beds – Anemia
  • Nail pitting – psoriasis
  • Half White, half pink – kidney disease
  • Spoon shaped – iron deficiency

For more signs of health problems in your nails please read the articles on WebMD and Mayoclinic. This is pretty interesting how your body has so many ways to show you when there are problems in the body. Often we see nail changes and never think twice about it. After reading these articles you will learn that a change in nail color could be the sign to get to the doctor.

This will be a series of different ways to check your health through your body, so please check back to learn more about what your body could be telling you.

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