The Careless Texter

image I recently saw the funniest cartoon in the newspaper with a guy being pulled over by the police and texting with his feet. I believe that cell phones and texting have really become that important to people that they would do it no matter what the cost. MSNBC has even written an article about the dangers of texting while doing other things. Things that require concentration should not be done with a phone in your hand. From the article, it is stated that ER’s are reporting serious injuries from people who text and walk, ride, drive and even cook.

I guess I may be a little guilty of some of those things. But I would never have thought it to be as serious as it actually is. There are reports of twisted ankles from walking and texting and also, car accidents which were caused from texting while driving. Think about when you are texting, you are completely numb to what is going on around you. It’s like reading a book and trying to walk, cook or drive; you are just asking for an accident.

There have been reports of even deaths where texting was involved. An impressive 363 billion wireless messages were sent last year alone. Multi-tasking is not the word that should be used, it is more like carelessness. I am sure a new law is already in the mix. First there was no talking on cell phone while driving and in some places they even have no talking on cell phones while walking… will be no cell phone usage. If it’s not already a law in some places.

If you are addicted to your cell phones, like so many of us today. Grab a hands-free device and save the reading and texting until you have time to actually do them. If the text is that important, stop what you are doing and handle it.  No need to endanger your life and the life of others for a simple “TTYL” or “BRB”.

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