Brighten Your Day

image The trend these days is bright bold colors and what better way to show it off than your nails. The brighter the better when it comes to nail color. Choose colors that compliment what you will be wearing. A great color on your nails will be exactly what you are looking for to make that added beauty statement. We all know how a perfectly manicured set of nails can make you look and feel. Now add a splash of color and your spirits are sure to be lifted on even the gloomiest of days.

What are some HOT nail colors right now? Oranges and greens are very hot and very in. But the real stars of the bold and beautiful nail colors this season are orange, pink, teal, purple and yellow. Nail color is a great way to finish off an outfit and a way to express your mood. Show your personality, grab some bold colors and get painting. OPI Nail Lacquer is my absolute favorite brand to use. They have a wide assortment of colors and they look fabulous on. Some other popular brands are Sally Hansen, NYC, and Essie.

What’s your favorite color and brands??

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