Check Health Through Tongue

image Did you know you can actually tell when something may be wrong with your body through the color of your tongue? It’s true, if your tongue is displaying a non-normal color, shape and texture it could be a key to a health problem you are experiencing or some kind of imbalance in your body. Here are a few common things to keep an eye out for next time you are checking out your tongue:

  • Red color – excess heat
  • Pale color – body needs some rest and you may be cold often, can be an indication of poor circulation
  • Purple or Blue color – too much sugar in the body from sugary foods or sodas
  • Thin tongue shape – could be a sign of anemia or some other deficiency in the blood or fluid
  • Trembling tongue – spleen problem
  • Elongated – heart heat
  • Cracks – could be a sign of a heart imbalance
  • Curling sides – may indicate something going on with your liver

A normal tongue should be pink with a light coat on it. The shape should be medium thickness and with no cracks. It is believed that the each area of the tongue is connected to specific internal organs in your body. Liver is the sides of tongue. Spleen is the center, back of the tongue is the Kidney and the tip of the tongue is your heart. A tongue diagnosis is a major part of the Chinese Medical assessment. A complete and accurate tongue assessment can only be done by a qualified practitioner.

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One thought on “Check Health Through Tongue

  1. HEY I WANT TO ASK U SOEMTHING? i have a little red dots and my tounge and under my tounge, i will like to know that it’s

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