NewBeauty Lancaster BeautyBox

Beauty product sample packs have been popular over the past few years, giving consumers a chance to test several products all at once before buying one whole jar or tube. If you’re a sample pack lover, here’s a new fab pack to try out: NewBeauty’s Lancaster Beauty Box. The special edition box comes with NewBeauty magazine’s Spring-Summer 2008 issue as well so you can have fun reading about the latest beauty new while undergoing beauty treatments with the products in the box.

The 6 sample products included in the BeautyBox are 365 Cellular Elixir, Ultra Soothing Lotion SPF 30+, Ultra Natural Bronze Care SPF 6, Sunslim Body Programme Celluli-Breaker Tan Stimulator, Sunslim Body Programme Celluli-Burner Tan Booster SPF 15, and Sunslim Body Programme Celluli-Drainer Tan Prolonger. I’m most curious about the Ultra Natural Bronze Care SPF 6, which is a moisturizing face emulsion that supposedly results in a naturally gorgeous and golden glow.

Have you tried the sample pack or any of the products?

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