Precautions on Makeup

In a previous post I gave a few makeup tips for summer. For this entry I’m giving just a few reminders that I’ve read about on how we can best make use of our makeup to ensure that we maximize their purpose and to protect us as well.

1. Throw away mascara after 2-3 months. This is because sty-triggering germs may have formed on your mascara by this time and it’s best to dispose of it. Also, if you start to get eye infections whenever you put eye makeup on, then make sure to dispose of any eye makeup you’ve recently used but have kept stashed for so long.

2. Clean all your primping tools at least once a week. Never forget to wash all your sponges and brushes with a mild cleanser to remove all germs that may inhabit in it. Also, swipe all your lash curlers with cotton dipped in alcohol to get rid of any bacteria or leftover makeup. Remember to keep all your tools in a safe and sealed box or container and never leave them lying around, which many women are prone to do when in a hurry.

Image from this site.

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