Texting and IM codes

image Most kids have cell phones and IM on the internet. So, do you know what they are talking about? All the “short hand” or secret codes they use could have most of us wondering just what is it they are talking about and why are they always texting. Kids are capable of writing a whole sentence with only a few letters. Feelings can be expressed in smiley faces which are created using symbols and things you would never think of are said right in front of you, without you having no clue.

You know the BRB means be right back and the TTYL means talk to you later. But did you know there are thousands of other codes? Probably not. I knew of a lot but I didn’t know of the extent that the codes can go to. As an example, here’s simple one 182, do you know what that one means? It is an easy way to write “I hate you”, and that was an easy one. Teens use these codes for quick conversation and to hide exactly what they are talking about. You thought you were mad about that high phone bill due to texting, just wait until you find out what they are saying. “POS” is one code that would surprise you to know that it means “parents over my shoulder watch what you say”.

For more texting codes check out A Myth.com, free searching, and Netlingo. You will be surprised and shocked to find out what some of these codes actually mean.

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One thought on “Texting and IM codes

  1. What does “in and out” mean? My daughter had a boy text her phone asking her if they could still in and out if they broke up.
    thanks so much

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