Too Timid or Too Intimidating?

Have you ever assessed yourself and analyze whether you are too timid or too intimidating? If you think you have a good balance of friendliness and confidence, good for you. However, if you often find yourself nervous or worried about people and their thoughts and wanting to please them, then you may not realize you’re too timid or a pushover. On the other hand, if you’ve noticed that many people tend to be uncomfortable in your presence, you may be too intimidating.

Too intimidating. If you are a woman of power, beauty or position, then it’s expected that a lot of people can be intimidated. Nothing’s wrong with being confident and exuding it but you’ll know it’s too much when you don’t encourage people anymore because you scare them away. One way to combat this is to share. Start listening more to others, know them, and give whatever pointers you can. Giving sincere compliments will also be empowering and will help others see you in a friendlier light.

Too timid. If you think you are easily affected by people, you may be too timid. Learn to toughen up and create boundaries. It’s good to be liked, but living in the fear of getting disliked will get you nowhere. Don’t be a pushover and fight for your rights in the best way possible because this is the only way you’ll grow. You’ll see that learning to stand up, do the right thing, and shrug off unhelpful criticism will benefit you in the long run.

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