Applying Lip Gloss

lipglossLip gloss is very popular right now. You can find them in almost any store you go in. Glosses can be worn alone or paired with other products. You can never have enough lip gloss. Check out these ways to use your lip gloss.

  • Over lipstick – add a little gloss to your lipstick by applying your lip gloss over your lipstick. It can make your lips feel more moisturized and give them a great shine.
  • Application – when putting on lip gloss, a little goes a long way. A few dabs to the middle of the lips can then be smoothed over using your lips or finger. Don’t out on too much because you will just be wasting it.
  • Add some concealer to lips before gloss to give lips an added flawless smooth look.
  • Make lips light pink and soft line the lips with a pink lip pencil and use pink colored gloss.
  • Light and Medium skin toned – use pale and natural shades for lining lips with a clear lip gloss
  • Darker skin toned – use brown shades with lighter lip glosses

Glosses are a great item to keep on hand at all times. There are so many different types and features to the glosses out now, you should experiment with various colors and textures to find the glosses that work best for you.

–image credit here

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