How To Ace Interviews

It seems that if there’s one thing that not one of us can escape from in this lifetime, it’s having interviews. We need to go through it when we’re applying for anything – job, school, entry to an organization, and more. Thus, here are some tips on how to fare better in interviews and have a better chance of scoring the goal.

1. Be prepared. This is the classic pointer, of course, but probably the most essential one. Do your research and prepare for what you are applying for. Relate the position to your experience and knowledge and practice verbalizing it. Make sure to come with all the necessary portfolio, official documents if needed, and references.

2. Dress up appropriately. This is a sign of showing that you’re serious about getting what you want. If you can’t do the simple task of dressing up appropriately during the interview, it’s hard to think you’ll be able to do the actual responsibilities once you get a position.

3. Arrive on time. Coming on time is not just about showing how punctual, responsible and serious you are. It also gives you time to orient yourself in the location and organize your thoughts.

4. Be confident! Once you’re there, there’s no more backing out so just give it your best shot. Shake your interviewer’s hand and look him or her in the eyes whenever you’re talking. Smile – you’ll realize this warms up the situation and can relax you as well.

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