The Natural Face

image There are many occasions when don’t want to wear a face full of makeup. Going to the beach, anywhere you will be in direct bright light, going to the pool. There are just some instances where full make up looks ridiculous. In those cases you want to look natural but still look your best.

Start with a self tanner or bronzer when starting your natural look. If you use a bronzer, make sure it is matte. You don’t want to be too shiny. Then follow that with a moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer are the best to use when doing the natural look. If you need a little more coverage you add a small amount of foundation into your moisturizer.

If you need concealer, apply it where needed. Follow that with a cream or gel blusher to the apple of cheeks. Then blend in very well. You only want a hint of color. With blush completed, apply your eyeliner. Opt for brown instead of black liner. Instead of eye shadow use a shimmer lotion as your shadow.

Finish up with a clear mascara and a light gloss and you are ready for anything. You now are beautifully natural.

–image credit here

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