Workout By Popping a Pill

image Sounds unbelievable but right now it is becoming a reality. Like some futuristic sci-fi show, researches are working on a pill, make that 2 pills, that will give you the effects of having spent hours in the gym. Currently the pills have only been tested on mice but they give some pretty impressive results. Results impressive enough to have me thinking in a very short while, they will be tested on some pretty eager humans.

The 1st pill, Aicar, helped mice burn calories, have less fat and 44% more endurance on a treadmill. All this after only a month using the pill. Aicar mimics exercising, it makes your cells believe they’ve burned energy and they in turn produce more. Even sedentary mice saw great benefits of the burning of calories and less body fat. The 2nd pill, GW1516, increased the mice’s endurance 75% when partnered with exercise. Those are quite some effective results.

Diet pills with meager results have been flying off the shelves, these two pills are sure to have even better sales. After all, who wouldn’t want to pop a pill and look trimmer and more fit. These would become just like taking your daily vitamins…take your daily workout pill!

–Image credit here

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