Mineral Moisture Complex by Pur Minerals

image Just the word “mineral” in the name sells these days. But this product looks as though it may be a winner. It is stated to improve skin tone and texture in less than 10 days and it reduces wrinkles up to 30% in 14 days. The anti-aging moisturizer works on your skin while you sleep; increasing collagen synthesis and leaving you with younger-looking beautiful skin. We all love the sound of that!

With ingredients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Sea Kelp; it might just work. It comes in a 2oz. container which costs 34.50 from Pur Minerals. Haven’t tried it myself, yet, but the container sure is attractive. I love the clean look of packaging. This product should be used in the evenings after cleaning your face and before you go to bed. Mineral Moisture Complex works to hydrate and reverse the signs of aging in a short time.We would love to hear reviews of anyone who has actually tried this product. Let us know what you liked and didn’t like about it and would you buy more???

The company, Pur Minerals, has a whole line of beauty products that look and sound like great products to try. Let’s see if they are really worth it. Give us all your feedback on them!

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