Estée Lauder’s Hydra Bright Skin-Tone Perfecting Moisturizer Creme

Due to my mostly dry skin, one of my favorite/most needed products in the world is moisturizer. And I’ve heard that Estee Lauder does moisturizer well, as evident in their Hydra Bright Skin-Tone Perfecting Moisturizer Creme line. Light and silky, this moisturizing cream does not just moisturize; its Encapsulated Moisture Cells solution helps plump skin as well to clear fine lines. Of course, it isn’t called Hydra Bright for nothing, as it creates a vibrant, flawless, and glowing look too.

The moisturizer comes in three variants to suit dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Thus, you can use it no matter what type of skin you have. Price may be a bit steep at $40.00 for 1.7 oz but I’ve read great reviews about this moisturizer and would like to try it out one of these days. If you’re using this moisturizer right now feel free to share your thoughts on it!

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