Beware of Common Stress Inducers

When you’re a normal adult with responsibilities, stress is unavoidable, and added stress is definitely most unwelcome. Here are some common stress inducers that you have to beware of:

Dirty Room/Work Station. So you say you’re used to your messy room/work station and know how to navigate through it. Besides, you really got no time to fix things because of your hectic schedule. What you don’t know is that no matter how used you are to having a cluttered desk, it may actually be contributing to all the stress you have . It helps to take a bit of time, even just 10 minutes or so, in organizing your corner so that you can focus more.

Traffic Jams/Road Mishaps. When you live or work in a city, traffic jams and road accidents can happen anytime, even on a daily basis. It’s pretty much unavoidable so when it does, just close your eyes for a few seconds and breathe deeply. Getting all stressed out about it will definitely take you nowhere and may even affect the way you take on your tasks for the whole day. It pays to learn to let go of things you have no hold on. Use the time to think of all you need to accomplish for the day and work out a schedule mentally.

Know more common stress inducers?

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