Essential Brow Kit

image This is one kit I could never live without. This brow kit has everything you need to fill in sparse brows and get perfect brows. I have always been a fan of mineral make-ups, it only makes sense to for the powder brow fillers. Brow pencils can have a tendency to look harsh and way too noticeable. With brow powder it looks more natural without a harsh line. The Essential Brow Kit comes with brow gel, brow powder and a brow brush. The brow brush itself is worth the cost. By far the best brow brush I have ever used.

It comes available in Brunette, Auburn, Dark Blonde, and Ash Blonde. Be careful with the Brunette, it’s for really dark or black hair. After I read the reviews of this product, I knew this was something I had to try. I have always had a hard time because I have thin brows, this kit has become my new best friend. It quick, easy and looks great. The only I wish was included was templates. I love templates when it comes to doing brows when you are not experienced with it. But the brush makes it fairly easy to get a nice precise line.

The Essential Brow Kit is by Bare Escentuals is a great buy. Give it a try, I am sure you will love it! Tell us about any brow kits you can’t live without!!

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