Doubleglow 7 Face Balm

Duwop - Doubleglow7 Face BalmHow cool! A balm for the face. We have all heard of lip balms, well this is specifically made for the face. It gives instant radiance to your face acting as a luminous. It’ll make your face have that great dewy, soft glowing skin. The Face balm makes you look rested and ready for the day.

The product is made to be versatile. It can be as a primer or you can use it just like you would a foundation. A product that is easy to use and can be worn alone is always a great product to have on hand. Sometimes, getting all made up is not possible. With Doubleglow 7, you can wear only it and get a fresh rejuvenated look. Containing 7 essential ingredients of Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Lily Extract, Vitamins A, E, and F, and Illuminating Peals, you are sure to get a stunning glowing look to your skin.  The .42oz container sales for $25.00 and you can get yours at DuWop. Let us all know how it works for you!!!

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