Walking Tips

image When you decide to start walking you can always use some tips to keep you motivated. Walking is a great way to get your heart pumping and lose some weight. If you do it correctly and at your own pace you can grow to love walking. After a while you will find yourself looking forward to your daily walks.

First thing you want to do is make sure you have a pair of sneakers that are comfortable to your feet. Don’t pay attention to price. Just get a pair of sturdy sneakers that are comfortable on your feet that you like wearing. For me, a new pair of shoes inspires me to work out.

Comfortable clothing is another thing to consider. You don’t want to keep tugging at a shirt or straightening out some pants while you should be enjoying your walk or jog. Wear clothing is is comfortable and pleasing to you. There is no need to try and “dress it up” when you are trying to exercise. Comfort is your main concern.

When you are walking you want to get a stride or a rhythm. At first, you may feel a little awkward but it will work itself out the longer you walk. Just stick with it and don’t worry what other people are thinking. You should be doing this for you and you alone.

A great tip is to get you some tunes to listen to. There are so many MP3 players out on the market now. You can get one for just about any price range and this will become your new best friend. A trick I like to do to make me look forward and lose myself in the run or walk is to load up audio books onto my MP3 player. I almost have to be dragged in, I am so wrapped up in the story.

One final tip, always keep plenty of water with you. You don’t want to be caught out without water to drink. Walking can be an enjoyable activity if you do it correctly and learn a few tricks/tips to make it worth it.

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