Blush Tips

image Blush can make or break your face makeup. You want to look like you have a touch of color or natural glow without looking like a clown. To find out where your blush should go, a good tip is to bend over for a few seconds with your eyes facing the floor. Slowly stand back straight and look in the mirror, the area where you cheeks turned red is where your blush should go.

Applying your blush:

  1. Swirl or dab your brush into your blush color. Blow or tap off all excess on your brush.
  2. Start with the apple of your cheeks and go towards the top of the ear or where your natural hairline begins in an upward move of the brush.
  3. Apply on forehead, chin and temples.

Never apply too much blush. Blush should enhance your natural skin tone not change it. Start light when applying your blush and then add a little more if needed. You don’t want to have take it all off, ruining your already put on makeup.

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