Make-up Removers

There’s nothing worse than getting done with your day and not having anything to remove your eye make up with. I can testify to the damage that can be done to the skin with trying to use soap and water. Not only does it leave a residue and not remove all the make-up, soap in the eyes from trying to get that eye make up off is certainly no fun.

A natural way to removing make-up is a mixture of olive oil, castor oil, and canola oil. Mix equal amounts of all of these and you will get a pretty good natural make-up remover. Put some on a cotton ball or q-tip to remove all your make-up. This can be stored about 4 months.

You can also buy some products. Here are a couple of I have found that should get the job done.

There are dozens of products that will work well, but these are the ones I found that I liked. Let me know what products works best for you!

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