Sigikid iBedoo iPod Speakers

Bored with your iPod speakers? Check out these fabulous Sigikid iBedoo iPod Speakers. Cute and cuddly, the speakers come in the form of plush dolls in various colors and designs. The tiny speakers are tucked inside the doll and there is a Velcro pocket for the iPod. What’s great about these speakers is that when you put one in your desk, it doesn’t look like speakers but more of a cute toy that catches everyone’s attention. Great to give as a present for a friend, especially to young kids with iPods already!

The only critique I read about these speakers is about its average quality. Definitely not meant to be a sound system. But what the heck, this speakers are mostly for kids or adults who just want a unique and functioning iPod speaker that will blast their cool tunes while they’re working or studying. Definitely a cool buy or a fun gift!

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