Why I Love Tuna

Let me count the ways.

1. It’s delicious. Well of course, this is a given in any food that I like. Tuna has a very simple, salty-fishy taste that I can’t go for days or weeks without. It’s not too smelly too unlike other fish or seafood.

2. It’s versatile. You can do a hundred things with tuna, and more. You can make a salad out of it, a pasta, grill it, cook it with eggs and veggies, put it in your sandwich, or simply dip your favorite crackers into it. The list is endless.

3. Its protein-packed! We all know we need protein to make our muscles strong. Tuna, like most fish, is protein-packed to give us the nutrients we need.

4. It has considerably less fat compared to other protein sources. Tuna compared to meat, beef, and other fish has been found to have less fat content. Of course, if you’re buying canned tuna, it would also depend on how the tuna was actually prepared and stored. In general though, this is one of the best naturally healthy foods. Just remember that everything should still be eaten in moderation.

5. It’s simply one of the healthier-yet-delicious food options. Need I say more?

How do you like your tuna?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Tuna

  1. I love tuna. It is so good, I consume more than I am really
    supposed to with the heavy metals in it and all. I am trying to
    slow down. Yum… tunas, I love you.

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