Retro Lush

Remember those old cute bath bombs from LUSH Cosmetics? Well they’re back with a bang! Called Retro Lush, the set contains of the old soap, shower gel, and massage bar favorites that truly make bathing a much more pleasurable treat.

For one, check out their Absolute Delight Bath Bomb. With a Turkish Rose scent plus hints of sandalwood and jasmine, its overall smell is reminiscent of Turkish Delight, a rose-flavored confection dusted with icing sugar. Perfect to use when getting ready for those romantic nights or when you simply want to feel all blooming and special.

Meanwhile if you want to smell as sweet and sinful as a chocolate dessert, you might love their After 8:30 massage bar. Featuring a white chocolate plus dark mint chocolate scent, you can be sure your skin is both rejuvenated and smelling yummy when you bath with it. 😉

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