Top Three Reasons Why You Should Eat Slowly

Attacking that sandwich, pasta, salad or chips as fast as you can may seem like the best idea when you’re hungry. But take heed, eating slowly will benefit you in ways that you’ll like and in more ways than one.

1. Better Digestion. Eating slowly means you’re chewing and breaking the food better, which results to better digestion. It’s best to chew thoroughly to give ample time to your stomach to prepare.

2. Weight Loss. Studies show that eating slowly means consuming much fewer calories. You can even lose almost 20 pounds a year just by eating slowly and without doing anything different! Eating slowly also makes you feel a lot fuller in no time. So if you’re on a diet and want to lose weight, better incorporate eating slowly into your lifestyle.

3. Enjoyment and Choosing Better Food. Do you know that most factory-produced foods are designed to taste great for the first three bites only? If you chew slowly, you’ll notice that the food begins to taste bland and ordinary after the three bites. Eating slowly gives you the chance to really taste the food and at the same time reach out for better options because natural foods like fruits and salads taste good even after three bites. Overall, you’ll have a better and more satisfying dining experience instead of feeling all sluggish and heavy after a meal.

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