Women and Weight-Lifting

Many women are scared to lift weights because they’re afraid of turning into beefy body-builders and looking all masculine. The truth is there are more to those heavy body-builders than lifting weights – they have grueling workouts as well as special dietary supplements. Thus, regular weight-lifting will not turn any woman into Ms. Muscle just like that. The following list highlights just some of the reasons why health and strength training experts say regular weight lifts are actually beneficial to any woman.

  • It increases strength and endurance.
  • It reduces body fat.
  • It makes aerobic exercise easier.
  • It helps prevent injury.
  • It improves balance and flexibility.
  • It develops strong bones.
  • It increases energy!

Weight lifting tones the body by increasing muscle mass, not in the way that bulks up the body (there are special methods and supplements for that if that is your purpose) but by burning more calories in the right areas. So next time you exercise, try to lift some weights. It just may be good for you. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Women and Weight-Lifting

  1. Great post! I totally agree.

    lifting weights is MAGIC. It has absolutely transformed my body. It baffles me that more women haven’t caught on to this secret. Most women want to look better, have less fat and be able to eat more. Weight lifting can help!

    Why are they so resistant?

    1. Sadly many women think weight lifting would make them appear more masculine, being shredded. Weight lifting is also beneficial in combatting osteoporosis.

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