3 Tips For A Healthier Barbecue

Almost everyone loves barbecued meat. Unfortunately we also know that it isn’t exactly the healthiest food. So here are some tips given by expert cooks on how we can have a healthier barbecue.

1. Microwave meat before barbecuing. This process reduces time over the charcoal, which as we know can have harmful properties. Remember that it’s best to use an oil-free marinade to hamper the formation of cancer-causing chemicals.

2. Make kebabs with fruits and veggies. Who said barbecue has to be all-meat? Incorporating fruits and veggies in your barbecue is one good way to pack on the nutrients, and besides, fruit and veggies are great because they don’t form harmful chemicals when flame-cooked. In fact, you can skip the meat altogether if you want to and just grill fruits and veggies for a much healthier option. Vegetables taste a lot more awesome when grilled.

3. Take all the skin off. If you’re barbecuing chicken, remember to take off all the skin because half the saturated fat in the chicken breast and thigh is all in the skin! Remember to take all the skin off before you marinade and grill because cooking with the skin on and then taking it off at the dinner table just makes you lose all the flavor from your marinade and seasonings.

Care to share your healthy barbecue tips?

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