Fruits Flush Fat

Did you know that by eating fruit you can actually flush away the fat?  Well you can.  Eating certain foods help to turbo charge the weight loss.  Certain fruits are Low Energy Density which means that they contain more water, fiber and enzymes then others.  These fruits help aid in weight loss.  Fruits density rating should be between 0 and .6.  Some fruits with their energy density rating are listed below.  By eating these fruits you can help your body eliminate fat.

Strawberries       .2
Raspberries       .3
Watermelon       .3
Grapefruit         .3
Cantaloupe       .4
Honeydew        .4
Papaya             .4
Peaches           .4
Tangerines .4
Apricots .5
Pineapple .5
Oranges .6
Plums .6
Blueberries .6
Apples .6

Ripe fruit is rich in nonfluorescent chlorophyll catabolites which are super extra anti-oxidents.  They eliminate free radicals that can cause all types of illness in the body.  Studies suggest that vine ripened fruit has twice as many metabolism revving carotenoids then fruit thats picked when its green.  The longer the fruit is on the vine the more nutrients it picks up from the soil.  Best bets are buying local produce from farmers markets that have been vine ripened to help aid in the weight loss battle.

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