Bleeding lips, color that is

If your lip color bleeds over the natural lip line, then you are in dire need of a lip liner.  Liner gives your lips a shape and helps provide a boundary for the lipstick so it does not smear over the lip line.  Apply the lip liner first and then use the lipstick and if you are really feeling daring even apply a small amount of gloss over the color.  Your lips will be very kissable looking.

For softer lips, apply a chapstick with a moisturizer before applying anything on the lips, then dab it off slightly leaving a very thin coating.  Sun damage is a popular culprit for chapped lips no matter what season it is outside.  Then apply your other lip products.

If your lips are excessively dry and flaky, you may want to consider brushing your lips gently with a baby toothbrush to keep them smooth, soft and healthy.  The apply your lip products as mentioned above.

Why do lips even get those fine lines, you ask?

Children always seem to have perfect puckers.  Well the aging process takes a toll not only on our bodies internally and externally but it especially affects the soft thin tissue of the eyes and the lips.  The lips become flatter and thinner with age.  The angles of the mouth begin to turn downwards with gravity casting an unhappy expression.  Years of smiling, puckering and eating build muscle mass, if you smoke that makes them even worse.  Bulky muscles make for deep grooves.  Not only can lipstick bleed into these lines that exaggerates their visibility, they add years to your face.

The question then becomes solving this dilemma?

There are many answers for that one….

We can under botox injections to add botulism to our lip line making them swell.  This is only a temporary effect by the way.

We can add human derived tissues…yuck but it works with less risk.  Just don’t ask the doctor where the human tissue is coming from.  If your lucky it will be from your own body, in an area that no one will notice.

We can begin taking better care of our skin and our lips before any tell tale aging sign appear by using a high numbered sun screen, always moisturizing our lips and keeping them protected…always.

The final point to this topic, is not only a women’s problem it also affects men. 😉  The products I use for lip issues come from a company that I love called Arbonne International.  They are part of the BEfore Sun Skin Care Line and Arbonnes cosmetic lines as well.

Check it out here:  gorgeousnaturally (dot) myarbonne (dot) com

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