Gaining Healthy Weight

Sometimes it seems to me that 99% of people in this world would like to lose weight. Some would simply like to, many are desperate to. But what I seldom encounter are people who would actually like to gain weight because they lack the proper pounds. If you’re one of them, here are just three of the things you need to work on to start the process.

Cut down on fatty and greasy food. Sure, eating a lot of fast food, sugary sweets, and the like can help you gain weight, but it won’t be the type of weight you want. You’ll end up being even unhealthier because the risk for deadly diseases increases every time you consume unhealthy oily foods and food high in trans fats like pastry products and processed meats.

Consume a lot of protein. Protein builds muscle tissue. Since your goal is to have more healthy muscles to increase mass and weight, make sure you focus on foods that are good protein sources such as chicken, fish, low fat dairy products, healthy meats, and nuts and seeds. Of course, your meals still have to be well-balanced so make sure you’re also consuming all the other important vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Weight train. Many people have the misconception that doing any form of exercise will just make you lose weight. Weight training and weight lifting can actually do the reverse by building on muscles not akin to those of heavy bodybuilders but just enough to increase your weight and add body mass and strength. Weight training helps convert additional calories into muscle rather than fat. It also stimulates appetite.

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