Baggu Bags

Grocery shopping can prove to be a real dilemma. You might want to help the environment by ditching the plastic bags and going paper, but if you’re buying a lot of stuff, you know that paper is not exactly strong enough to carry much goods.

This is why Baggu Bags are essential for just about every grocery shopper. For one, each Baggu bag can hold the contents of 2-3 plastic bags. Made from super strong rip-stop nylon, these bags are also very light and can be folded easily if you’re not using them. In addition to that, these bags are very durable and reusable and you can actually use one Baggu bag for a whole year! Of course, they are much more stylish as well than the boring grocery paper or plastic bags.

Strong, light, environment-friendly, reusable, and fashionable grocery bags? Yup, Baggu Bags are definitely one essential buy.

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One thought on “Baggu Bags

  1. I am glad to see more people dumping plastic and using cool bags. We use Tuckerbags, great designs, and the extra pockets are great when shopping.

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