Dangers of Tongue Piercing

Are you entertaining thoughts of having your tongue pierced? Do you have a teenager who wants to have his or her tongue pierced? Beware, because tongue piercing may look “cool” but it poses a lot of danger too. The following list contains just some of the hazards of doing it.

  • Tongue piercing opens a high risk of acquiring any major disease like AIDS or Hepatitis C because the needle might have been used in a person that carries such disease.
  • It can cause neuralgia, or life long pain.
  • It can result to a lot of blood loss because of the piercing of a blood vessel.
  • It can cause gum disease and tooth loss because the jewelry can rub against the gums and cause them to recede.

So just in case you or a friend is having thoughts about getting into this “body art”, better think of another ways to express yourself. One that won’t harm your body at the very least.

Image from this site.

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2 thoughts on “Dangers of Tongue Piercing

  1. I just want to say that if you’re going to condone piercings for their health risks, then you should be telling women never to have babies as well. More women have complications with pregnancy than any piercing statisticly. If your main reason for people to not get their tongues pierced is because the needle may be infected with something from multiple uses, know that any standard, approved tattoo and piercing shop uses sterile, unused needles for every piercing. The people re-using needles are asking for problems in the first place, since that means they’re not having a professional do it anyway.

  2. I have a tongue piercing, I have never had any problems. As long as you are getting the piercing by someone who knows what they are doing and work in a tattoo shop/piercing studio there is nothing to be worried about. People should not be afraid of this piercing, there is just as much risk involved with any other piercing. Infection only happens if the piercing is not taken care of properly while it is healing.

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