Skinny Jeans

It seems that everywhere I look, more and more women are wearing skinny jeans again, paired off with all kinds of tops. Skinny jeans are an interesting type of jeans because they fit tightly in the legs, almost like a pair of tights, only it’s jeans of course. πŸ˜€

Lots of skinny jeans can be found in the market, from the bargains to the designer ones. Unfortunately not everyone can wear skinny jeans because we all have different body types. However, it can definitely enhance body types like straight bodies because skinny jeans emphasize the buttocks and hip area, creating a sexier overall illusion. Petite women can also wear skinny jeans to look longer. Modelesque body types with long slender legs can wear them like a second skin anytime. But if you’re pear-shaped or a bit too heavy on the legs, better ditch skinny jeans because they can really be a disaster. There are lots of other types of jeans in the market anyway so don’t be sad. πŸ˜‰

Are you a skinny jeans freak?

Image from this site.

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