Pomegranate: The Healthiest Juice of All

A recent study in UCLA revealed that the healthiest juice of all is not grapefruit, nor cranberry, nor apple. It’s actually pomegranate juice. The study actually released a list of the top ten healthiest juices, and the “winners” are (from #2 to #10): Red wine, Concord grape juice, Blueberry juice, Black cherry juice, Açaí juice, Cranberry juice, Orange juice, Tea, and Apple juice. I’m a bit surprised that tomato juice is not on the list, but I’m glad apple and orange juice are as I often drink these two. If you do want to have the healthiest juice or shake though, you know now what to blend!

Image from this site.

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10 thoughts on “Pomegranate: The Healthiest Juice of All

  1. Try the Langers All Pomegranate Juice or the L&A All Pomegranate Juice! It is FANTASTIC and usually the best priced!

  2. Pomegranate juice is awesome, the fruit taste even greater.It has plenty of antioxidants and some,argue that the pomegranate might actually be the biblical tree of life. Anyhoo,Murad skincare line, has a line of products with pomegranate that are to die for, especially the facial moisturizer during these cold time. They also have a pretty good pomegranate based sunscreen

  3. I absolutely agree, but the best kind would be the natural one with no artificial flavorings, color, or anything. You can probably find it if your in Cali at Trader Joes, or Whole Foods market.

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