Two-way Perk of a “Blind Massage”

Today I had my long overdue body massage. I’ve been meaning to have one the last couple of weeks, but all the work and school load wouldn’t allow it. Fortunately I had some vacant time earlier to indulge in the much needed treatment.

To say it was great is an understatement. As the masseuse slowly kneaded her hands on the right points, knots and twists in my muscles with the perfect pressure and combination of Swedish and Shiatsu styles, I felt like I was floating, with every single stress being crushed as every delicious pressure was applied. Since its first discovery, the art of body massage has been patronized by people worldwide as a very effective stress and body pain relieving method. Today, there are spas and beauty centers everywhere we go offering massage services as more people become aware of the benefits it brings.

What is unique about my massage experience today is that I was treated by a blind masseuse named Lisa. As Lisa worked her way in my body, I chatted with her and asked what brought her to the profession. She told me that she is part of a national organization that trains and gives jobs to blind people who have a hard time making a living because of their disability. Body massaging is one of the few jobs they could do as it didn’t require a sense of sight but hand stroke skill and knowledge of the art. She also shared that there are many blind people shunned by society who fully depend on the organization to continue living a somewhat normal life.

I don’t know if it’s psychological, but I felt that Lisa’s way of massaging me differed from my previous experiences in the sense that she seemed to probe more into the knotted muscles and stressed areas of my body, feeling her way with her strong sense of touch. There’s less of the rhythmic, usual pattern of method, but more of intense probing of the plains and bumps of the body and a very sincere dedication to serve the customer and do her job well.

Of course it might not have anything to do with her blindness; maybe she’s really just one of the better trained and skilled masseuses. But what I know is I just had one of the best massages in my life and I went home not only rejuvenated but also fulfilled, because I felt that in my little way as a customer, I was able to help a hardworking blind woman by patronizing her services, not to mention the services of a noble organization aiming to help our friends not blessed with a sense of sight.

Indeed, the perk of a blind massage is two-way.

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