Forget the lowfat food!

Recently I took my 7 year old daughter to a nutritionist after my pediatrician gave her a scare telling her that she was “very very unhealthy”.  We had gone to the pediatrician for a physical, which we do every year before school starts and as usual they took her weight.  She weighed 84 lbs when she should (according to the chart) weigh about 70 lbs for her height and build.  My daughter looked at me when the doctor told her about her unhealthy weight gain and did not shed a tear.  I actually thought she was not really taking it seriously at all, until we got into the car.  The she cried and asked if what the doctor said meant she was going to die. 😦 .   I took issue with the way the doctor addressed the issue, but don’t want to get into that now.

While my daughter likes her food, her problem is portion control.  I tend to cook very healthy foods.  I rarely EVER fry anything, I always bake and with very little oil if any at all.  After undergoing blood testing to find if the inherited thyroid condition was causing her weight gain (which it was not), we went to see a nutritionist.  One piece of advice she gave me that made a HUGE difference is that you should never purchase any food where the sugars are 50% or more of the Carbohydrates.  People are always buying lowfat items, thats a big mistake.  When something is lowfat they overcompensate for flavor by adding sugar!  Sugar is metabolized in the body and stored in the body as fat.  One of the main reasons a lowfat processed food does not help with weight loss.

Next time you reach for that bag of school snacks, check out the sugar to carb ratio.  Go for the regular version, not the lowfat, and keep the portions under control.

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