Household Tips….here FIRST

1. Drip-proof hanging plants

Even if you over-water a hanging plant indoors, you can prevent it from leaking on your floor by using a plastic shower cap on the bottom of your planter.  The elastic will hold the shower cap onto the bottom and collect any dripping mess.

2. Get rid of mosquitoes before they attack

Run back into your kitchen and grab some vanilla extract.  Add 1 tsp. mixed with water and put in a spray bottle.  Spritz the mixture onto pulse points.  The sweet smell blocks the receptors on mosquitoes’ antennae, which prevent the bugs from being able to “smell” the human prey.

3. Not sure what to do with styrofoam packing peanuts?

Place them in a bowl and spray them with your favorite scented air freshner.  The peanuts are porous and will absorb perfume molecules, releasing scent over the course of four-five days.  Once fragrance evaporates, just respray the peanuts.

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