Anti Aging Skin Products

Several years ago I sold products called Arbonne. I began using these products religiously after having been sold them by a friend of mine.

While I no longer “sell” Arbonne, I do refill friends orders and continue using the products myself. I have tried a slew of other products both before my experience with Arbonne as well as after. I must admit though, that nothing I have tried compares to the results I have gotten from Arbonne products.

I have been using their RE9 line for several years now and find I am lost if I run out of product. The eye cream is addicting. It goes on so smoothly and I certainly can see a difference with fine lines under my eyes.

The day cream is nice too, although I prefer something with more SPF in it then SPF 8 which the RE9 cream contains. So I began using another one of their products called Revelage. It has an SPF of 30 and touts that it has the capabilities of lightening sun spots on your face. Since I began using it this past summer, I don’t really notice a huge change in the appearance of the dark spots, but I do notice a slight color change. I suppose I was expecting a mini miracle.

I recently just tried using The Galvanic Spa by NuSkin.  My friend, Actor Ian Ziering, introduced me to it and said it was “all the rage in Hollywood”.  I have to try something and see something that good to believe it.  After receiving my spa I dedicated a few minutes (which are hard to come by raising a young family) and tried using it.  I was surprised at how easy it was to use and how light weight and small the Galvanic Spa was.  After wetting my hand , applying the negative charged gel and using the spa, I felt my skin instantly feel more refreshed.  Then I wiped off the pre-treatment gel and applied the positive charged gel that penetrates deep under the kins surface and delivers light Galvanic pulses under the skin stimulating collagen production and adding moisture deep beneath the skin.  I instantly saw a lift in my brow and a softening of my wrinkles.  Some of my fine lines had indeed disappeared.  It was pretty cool and hard to believe.  I know now why it is “all the rage in Hollywood”.  You can find out more information here  Ian did tell me that I could get a 30% discount on the item if I signed up as a distributor.  I told him I was not sure I wanted to sell the product, but that I just enjoyed using it!  He said I could still sign up and get the discount, so I did.  Although it may be a bit pricey at $290 for distributor cost, it sure was cheaper then having to go get facials every so often and cheaper when I think of it. Not to mention the Galvanic Spa will last for 5-6 years and runs on 2 AA batteries.  It will no doubt pay for itself. 🙂

If you happen to know of a better line, I’m all ears! Would love to try some new stuff. 🙂

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